Listen to an interview with director Jack Sholder!

By Kenny Hedges

Jack Sholder started his directorial career in 1982, with the slasher-psycho thriller Alone in the Dark, the first film produced by New Line Cinema. The film boasts an impressive cast for a first timer, featuring Donald Pleasance as a jokey new age psychiatrist (based on R.D. Laing) and Jack Palance and Martin Landau as his viscous patients. Sholder continued collaborating with New Line head Robert Shaye when he took on the directorial duties for A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2 – a polarizing departure from the first film.

From there, Sholder worked on The Hidden, a Reagan-esque buddy cop sci-fi thriller. His career in the genre film is vast, always with a hint of social commentary. TheFilmReal had a chance to speak with Sholder about his varied directorial efforts. Listen below (we apologize for any audio problems – it gets better as the interview progresses)!

Soon after the interview, there was some post-talk banter, in which I thanked him for his time and he expressed interest in attending Fantasia in the next year. We’d like to thank Mr. Sholder for his time, his work and his graciousness.